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People’s Community Action Corporation is the newest member of the People’s Family of Corporations.

For more than 40 years, Betty Jean Kerr People’s Health Centers (PHC) has recognized the impact of socioeconomic stress on the health of our communities. Too often, underserved communities are preoccupied with the challenges and activities of daily living. Many are unable to focus on individual and family health and wellness issues. In response to these and other community concerns, PHC established a number of “community support” corporations that have proved successful beyond its well known BJK People’s Health Centers. Currently, the PHC family of corporations includes a 60 unit senior affordable housing residence, along with 18 multifamily apartments for families with disabilities; a Connective Services corporation that houses the Social Security Administration Office adjacent to the Delmar site, and the Amanda Luckett Murphy Hopewell Behavioral Health Center. The collection of these corporations have worked in concert, to not only address the health care needs of the community, but to also remove the socioeconomic obstacles to that end.

On September 20, 2012, the Missouri Department of Social Services awarded the Community Services Block Grant contract to People’s Community Action Corporation (PCAC), which is People’s newest “community support” corporation. It is expected that this new and exciting development will allow PHC to continue to help meet and support the socioeconomic needs of the residents of St. Louis City and Wellston communities. This development will help further create an environment of greater community health and wellness.

It is our hope and expectation that the addition of PCAC to the family of People’s corporations, will allow us to expand, even further, our services to the community and ultimately serve to support a stronger and healthier St. Louis City and Wellston community.

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