Dear Community Partner,

We are pleased to announce that support services formerly provided by CAASTL are now provided by People’s Community Action Corporation (PCAC), as of November 1st, 2012.

For 40 years, Betty Jean Kerr People’s Health Centers (PHC) has recognized the impact of socioeconomic stress on the health of our communities. To that end, the Missouri Department of Social Services recently awarded the Community Services Block Grant contract to People’s Community Action Corporation (PCAC), which is People’s newest “community support” corporation. It is the expectation that this new and exciting development will allow PHC to continue to help meet and support the socioeconomic needs of the residents of St. Louis City and Wellston communities. This development will help further create an environment of greater community health and wellness. The contract was previously awarded to HDC.

We are taking this opportunity to advise community partners that PCAC will provide the constancy needed to continue to serve city of St. Louis and Wellston income eligible residents in the capacity of the designated CAA. It is our hope and expectation that the addition of PCAC, to the family of People’s corporations, will allow us to expand, even further, our services to the community and ultimately serve to support a stronger and healthier St. Louis City and Wellston community. To this end, we welcome opportunities to continue relationships with St. Louis and Wellston partners. We wish to express our gratitude in advance and are reaching out to you for your help. We look forward to your support in the continued efforts to help residents overcome challenges created by poverty.

We look forward to working with you to improve the health and socio-economic status of our community. Please contact Mark Sanford at (314) 367-7848 extension 1209 with any questions comments or concerns.


Dwayne Butler
Chief Executive Officer

Mark Sanford
Executive Administrator

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